Terms and Conditions

NRG Go Portable Power Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the "Agreement") constitute an agreement between the person who is over the age of 18 and is accepting this Agreement ("You" or "Your") and NRG Portable Power LLC., with offices at 1201 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas, 77002 ("NRG," "we," "us,"). This Agreement is effective when you complete your transaction by renting a portable charger and other accessories from NRG or Reliant Energy Retail Services LLC (“Reliant”). All portable chargers rented from the NRG Go Station will be serviced by NRG Portable Power LLC. By authorizing the charge or debit for your rental of a portable charger(s), you indicate your agreement to be bound by these NRG Go Portable Power Terms and Conditions.

This Agreement establishes the terms and conditions under which You are renting from NRG or Reliant portable chargers and accessories serviced by NRG. NRG Go power packs may only be used with the following mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Smartphone. It is important that you take the time to read the entire Agreement carefully. You should retain a copy of this Agreement for your records. The number of power packs you may rent at a given time is subject to NRG's or Reliant’s discretion.The following factors vary by location:





The details specific to each rental are presented on-screen prior to completing the rental transaction. They are also included in the initial Rental Receipt that is emailed to You within one hour of completing the rental transaction.


All rentals must be paid by Credit or Debit card.

Single Use Charge – This service allows you to rent for the Rental Period, one or more NRG Go power pack(s) for the established rental fee for the applicable location plus any applicable taxes per portable charger with a charging cable for a single use charge. You will find the applicable fee for your location at the NRG Go Station you rented from, and on the initial rental receipt.

NRG or Reliant will seek authorization from your payment card company for the charges under this Agreement plus applicable taxes. If authorization is received, that charge will be processed on your debit or credit card. If your payment card is declined, NRG or Reliant may refuse to rent or sell you the NRG Go power pack.

  1. RENTAL FEE – Established at time of transaction, it covers the cost of the rental on Day 1 through 9pm on the following day.

  2. DAILY USE FEE – Accrued daily at 9pm from Day 2 through the end of the established rental period and charged upon return of the NRG Go power pack.

  3. PURCHASE FEE – Fee will be charged either upfront if You choose to purchase the NRG Go power pack outright, or the fee will be charged if the NRG Go power pack is not returned by the end of the established Rental Period


The Rental Period for the NRG Go power pack(s) begins at the time of your rental and ends 9 P.M. the following day.  It is in the rental receipt email.


You may take the NRG Go power pack anywhere with you during the Rental Period, allowing you to charge your smartphone or tablet while you are at a venue or you are on the go. If you remove the power pack from the venue for any reason, you shall still be responsible for returning the power pack by the end of the Rental Period. NRG Go Station locations can be found at nrgGO.com.


You must return the rented NRG Go power pack to any NRG Go Station location no later 9pm the day following your initial rental. If you do not return the power pack to a Go Station location by 9pm the day following your initial rental, we will charge your card the established Daily Use Fee for each additional day you keep the charger, up to the end of the established Rental Period, after which You will own the power pack and NRG or Reliant will charge your credit or debit card the established Purchase Fee plus tax for each power pack, less the Rental Fee(s) you originally paid.


If you believe you rented a defective NRG Go power pack from us, you must return the item to us within one hour of the initial rental. You agree that your exclusive remedy for a defective rental is a substitute rental of equal or lesser value. If you return to an NRG Go Station to exchange a defective power pack and another pack is unavailable, you may contact customer service team via email at nrgGo@nrg.com and someone will assist you. Neither NRG nor Reliant guarantees the power pack will fully recharge your smartphone or tablet. If a power pack is returned damaged at any time , as determined by NRG or Reliant, , or defective, but not within one hour of the initial rental, NRG and Reliant reserve the right to charge your credit or debit card for additional fees to fix the charger, not to exceed the Non-Return Fee stated in Section D.

The manufacturer of the NRG Go power pack has reserved all rights, title, and interest in and to certain intellectual property associated with the portable charger. You will take no action that would cause, or by inaction permit, any impairment of any right, title, and interest of the manufacturer in that intellectual property and you will otherwise respect the legal rights of the manufacturer.

F. Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

The NRG Go power pack is provided on an "as is," and "with all faults" basis. To the fullest extent permitted by law, NRG and Reliant make no representations or warranties express or implied concerning the portable charger. NRG and Reliant hereby expressly exclude all warranties and representations, express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, and all such other warranties.

Your exclusive remedy for any claim related to breach of this Agreement or for any damages caused by or related to the use of the portable charger, whether based on contract, tort or any other theory, including but not limited to negligence or gross negligence is for NRG or Reliant, at its election, upon receipt of written notice and proof of purchase, to provide a replacement NRG Go Power Pack at its expense. In no event will NRG or Reliant be liable for any special, consequential, incidental, non-economic, or punitive loss, damages or expenses (including lost profits) even if advised of their possible existence. The allocations of liability provided for above represent the agreed and bargained-for understanding of the parties and NRG's or Reliant’s compensation for the rental or purchase reflects these allocations.

You Are Liable For And Shall Indemnify And Hold Reliant, NRG, their Affiliates And Their Respective Directors, Officers, Members, Partners, Shareholders, Employees, Contractors And Agents, Harmless From And Against All Actions, Causes Of Action, Claims, Demands, Losses, Costs, Damages, Deficiencies, Judgments, Liabilities Or Expenses (including Without Limitation Attorneys' Fees And Costs Of Litigation) Which They Or Any Of Them Suffer Or Incur Resulting From, By Reason Of, Arising Out Of Or In Connection With: (i) Personal Injury, Bodily Injury, Including Fatal Injury To, Or Loss Of Or Damage To The Property Of Any Person Or Entity (including The Parties Hereto) Arising Out Of Or In Connection With Your Negligent Use Of The Portable Charger, Or (ii) Any Actual Or Prospective Claim, Litigation, Investigation Or Proceeding Relating To Any Of The Foregoing, Whether Based On Contract, Tort Or Any Other Theory, Whether Brought By A Third Party Or By You.  

G. ADA Accessibility

NRG Go is committed to meeting the standard set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to make our website accessible to all users. While not all our web pages are currently designed to be ADA compliant, rest assured that we are taking the necessary steps to fix this.

We welcome all comments and suggestions on how we can further improve our website and its features to make them ADA Compliant and accessible to all types of assistive technology.  

If there are any features that are inaccessible or you encounter any type of issue while browsing our website, please don’t hesitate to report the problem. Please indicate what you were trying to do and what occurred afterwards as this will help us in addressing your concerns. 

Additionally, please specify the assistive technology you were using as well as the format in which you want us to send our response. This will aid us in preparing the necessary material to ensure that you receive a clear answer regarding your concern. For those using any form of TDD equipment, you may also get in touch with us using the telecommunications relay service nearest you. 

H. Co-Sponsorship of Power Station 

This NRG Go Station may be co-branded by Reliant or NRG and another company, whose logo appears on the NRG Go Station (“Co-Sponsor”) By providing your email address at time of rental or purchase of power packs you are providing your email to either Reliant or NRG as applicable and the Co-Sponsor. You may receive future emails from Reliant, NRG or the Co-sponsor regarding products or services those companies offer.  You will be given an opportunity to indicate whether or not you wish to receive future email solicitations from Reliant, NRG or the Co-Sponsor.


You are solely responsible for ensuring that your mobile device has sufficient battery charge for your needs and that all charging to your mobile device is done in accordance with your mobile device manufacturer's suggestions on the type, frequency and duration of charging. You further acknowledge and agree that neither NRG nor Reliant can be held responsible for any loss, damage, or other injury caused by your mobile device or an insufficient battery charge.

The NRG Go power pack is intended only for use in recharging compatible mobile devices as specified in Section C and is not recommended for any other use and any use other than the charging of your mobile device shall constitute a "Non-Recommended Configuration." You agree not to attach any device to the power pack other than your compatible mobile device.

If you have any questions, please email NRG Go Portable Power at nrgGo@nrg.com.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the state of Texas. The parties hereby irrevocably submit in any legal proceeding relating to this Agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts sitting in the County of Harris, State of Texas.