How It Works

Rent a power pack from any NRG Go kiosk to stay fully charged, connected and in control. Return it when done.

Rent A Power Pack

Rent a Power Pack

Find an NRG Go kiosk and rent a portable power pack.

Charge on the Go

Take the power pack to recharge a mobile device.

Return the Power Pack

Locate the nearest kiosk or mail the pack to our office.

Custom Branding Opportunities

Kiosk Wrap

Maximize kiosk branding with custom wraps.

Digital Advertising

Six screens available for video or static ads.

Lead Generation

Email addresses collected during rental process with marketing opt-in.

Power Pack Branding

Keep your brand in their hands (literally) throughout the event.

Kiosk Specs

Full Size

Baseplate: 2.5' wide x 3' deep (7.5 sq ft)

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 450lbs

Cellular connection via LTE modem

LAN Connection optional

Capacity: 60 power packs

Mini with Stand

Baseplate: 2' 5" wide x 2' 5" deep (6.25 sq ft)

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 187lbs

Cellular connection via LTE modem

LAN Connection optional

Capacity: 30 power packs

Success Stories

Thanks to SmartyPants Vitamins, fanatics at New York Comic Con were able to power through their day, busting out photos and blasting their experiences to fans and friends. 
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At every Texans game, fans get the power they need to stay charged and never miss a down, courtesy of Reliant.
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NRG Go powered fans of the "Big Game" in Houston in 2017, courtesy of Reliant.
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