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About NRG Go

The idea behind portable power

Everyone needs power

Everyone needs power

Which is why we will do just about anything to charge our phones. Tying ourselves to outlets, lining up against walls, even leaving to get a charger – none of which keeps us in the moment.

That’s why we created NRG Go Portable Power: to put the power back in your hands, where it belongs.

Total freedom

NRG powers people at home, work and on the go. NRG Go power packs keep mobile devices fully charged – in an always-on world.

Just rent a pack and charge your phone with total freedom, untethered by distractions, or get a station to offer your customers a revolutionary way to stay energized and engaged.

Be a destination

Offer your guests the convenience and comfort they deserve. Keep them fully charged without tying them down. And have them coming back for more.

Looking for a place to rent or return your NRG Go power pack? We’re here to help. Check out our locations.