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NRG Go Portable Power Energize your audience. An NRG Go Kiosk lets your guests recharge their mobile devices on the go.

Everyone needs power

Which is why we will do just about anything to charge our phones. Tying ourselves to outlets, lining up against walls, even leaving to get a charger - none of which keeps us in the moment.

That's why we created NRG Go Portable Power: to put the power back in your hands, where it belongs.  

How It Works

Rent an NRG Go Power Pack to stay fully charged, connected and in control. Return it when you're done.

Rent A Power Pack

Rent A Power Pack

Find an NRG Go Kiosk and rent a portable power pack.
Charge on the Go

Charge on the Go

Take the power pack with you to recharge your device.
Return the Power Pack

Return the Power Pack

Locate the nearest kiosk or mail the pack to our office.

Kiosk Specs

Kiosk Specs for Full Size Station

Full Size

Baseplate: 2.5' wide x 3' deep (7.5 sq ft)

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 450lbs

Cellular connection via LTE modem

LAN Connection optional

Capacity: 60 power packs

Mini with Stand

Baseplate: 2' 5" wide x 2' 5" deep (6.25 sq ft)

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 187lbs

Cellular connection via LTE modem

LAN Connection optional

Capacity: 30 power packs

Mini with Stand

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Return A Power Pack

Locate A Station

Mail Power Pack To:

NRG Portable Power

910 Louisiana St. 16th floor

Houston, TX 77002

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