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NRG Go Portable Power

Mobile device charging on the go, when it matters most.

Charge anywhere

Rent an NRG Go Power Pack to stay fully charged, connected and in control. Return it when you're done.

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How it works

Rent. Recharge. Return.

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Need a charge?
Is your iPhone® or Android battery almost dead? Don’t worry.
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Rent a power pack.
Find an NRG Go Station and rent a portable power pack.
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Charge on the go.
Take the power pack with you to recharge your device.
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Return the power pack.
Locate the nearest kiosk or mail the pack to our office.

The Power Pack

Power on the go for your iPhone® or Android device.*

Capacity: 4200 mAh
Battery: Lithium-Ion
iPhone Output: 5V 1A
Android Output: 5V 2.1A

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Find NRG Go Stations

Can't get to a Go Station? Mail your power pack to:

NRG Go Portable Power 910 Louisiana St 16th Floor, Houston, TX 77002